It's not a product.
It's a concept.

Since 2004, We are serving Quality Milk Products to The People of North Gujarat.

About Our Online Store

Our Online Journey starts from 2021

We decided to reach each and every Indian’s House who want quality products for their day to day life and special occasions.

The Gajeku and Madhvi family never let failures stop them. With strong willpower to strive hard, derived from trust in God, followed by social support, they achieved great significance and reached the peak. Their vision is futuristic of a green and organic nation, where there is a big NO to artificial things and only traditional (ecological) and natural methods utilized. Accordingly, one should move ahead of all odds and never look back. Learn from the failures but never sit back and regret.

The person behind Madhvi, Mr Manubhai Kuniya, is a staunch believer of living in the present. He has no fear for tomorrow for the reason that he has risen out of all odds and became successful and thus considers his failures to be his teachers. A simple man himself, Manubhai has seen all the extremes of life at a very early age and this has made him more and more strong en route. With Madhvi being the focus of his life, he devotes himself to nature and stays away from artificial resources or luxuries of life. Being a great personality, he likes meeting good people. He is very much fond of reading and follows his own ideals evolved from the thought, awareness about love of God which creates gratitude towards lord and expressed through love towards God by taking care and serving his creation (plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human kingdom etc.) through reverence. According to him, with the hard work and efforts of his team, today we can witness the success of Gajeku and Madhvi. He is strictly against blind beliefs but follows the doctrine of God’s love for humanity and gratitude towards God.

He has great expectations from Sajeev because Sajeev is the right path towards a healthy and safe tomorrow is what he believes. With great potential, he has that power to take along the community and reach new heights with the words Sajeev and organic. Such is the man, making him a big hero with all his achievements.

Our Journey

Madhvi Dairy

The formation of Madhvi Dairy

Various Awards

All the awards are small pieces of recognition for the entire Madhvi Family for their dedication to serve the nation on the whole. Regionally, there are a few, but nationally, Mrs. Galbiben Kuniya was presented the India Agri Award in 2011 at Delhi by Mr. Sharad Pawar. All such awards are a success statement of the organic concept established by Madhvi.

Gajeku Farm

To commemorate a son’s love and respect for his mother, the organic farm is named after Mr. Kuniya’s mother, Mrs. Galbiben Jethabhai Kuniya, to mark her hardwork on the concepts of organic farming and milk farming. The farm is also called “Sajeev Farm” with its theme of nature and organic initiative.

Milk Farming

There once existed a farm for cattle which had various facilities like swimming pool, music system as well as incense but there arose complications in cattle including brucellosis. This resulted in a decision of contract milk farming which proved fruitful. The Deshi Gaay idea and influence has brought a new sunrise in the life of the Madhvi family and milk farming on the whole with the best breed of cows & buffaloes producing optimum standard whole milk. This milk farming has brought a new horizon for Madhvi Dairy and its dairy products.

Organic Crew

Manubhai and his brother with the blessings of their mother have worked day in and day out to make Gajeku farm and Madhvi what they are today. With their combined efforts they have brought up a team of skilled people who work whole heartedly to spread the word organic. The company undertook the milk contract farming by which the other persons also joined this revolution and now the work which was done by single person has become the work of many people who participated under contract farming in milk production. The success story has made a mark in North Gujarat. Thus, the determination and vigorous attempts of this organic family are the role players in cradling ‘Sajeev’, the organic.

Gau Ghrut

Which goes through heating, fermenting, churning & heating method so it is full of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which helps to increase immunity, it balances Tridoshas (Fundamental Psychosomatic Principles) & enhances saptadhatus & HDL essential cholesterol so it is best Rasayana to boost energy & rejuvenator also acts as best lubricant. For this best result we preserve & raise Deshi Gaay (Indigenous Cow Breed), Natural breeding by bull, Ayurvedic Treatment, Free Cattles except milking hour twice a day, Free space to wonder along with sun bath is available which helps proper digestion.


Mahindra Samriddhi Agri India Awards 2011

Mrs. Galbiben Jethabhai Kuniya was awarded with National Winner of Mahindra Samriddhi Agri India Awards 2011 in partnership with Zee News by Mr. P.K.Basu – the Secretary of Union Agriculture and Cooperation & Mr. Anand Mahindra – the Chairman of Mahindra Group in the presence of Mr. Sharad Pawar – The Cabinet Minister of Agriculture.

Divya Bhaskar Eminence Awards 2021 - Best Quality Dairy Products of Gujarat

Mrs. Pravinbhai Jethabhai Kuniya was awarded with Divya Bhaskar Eminence Awards 2021 Winner for Best Dairy Products of Gujarat in partnership with VTV News by Mr. Nitin Patel – The Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat